Oromia Agricultural Research Institute (IQQO)

Oromia Agricultural Research Institute (IQQO)  is head quartered at Finfine and coordinates 17 regional research centers namely, Holetta Bee and Ziway Fishery Resources research, Bako, Jimma and Asella Engineering research, Bako, Sinana, Adami Tullu, Fedis, Yabelo, Bore, Mechara and Haro Sebu Agricultural research, Fiche, Zeway, Nekemt & Bedele soile research centers located at different agro-ecologies of the region.

OARI runs research activities that are organized under the seven research process directorates within these centres. Those are. Crop, Livestock, Natural Resources, Agricultural Mechanization, Agricultural Extension & Economics, Food Science and Technology Multiplication. Each directorate coordinates multi-disciplinary team based research. The research capability of particularly the aspect of human resources (both support and research staff) is improving significantly. This is a positive development and critical for delivering quality outputs expected from the institute. Presently, OARI bring the desired impacts on agricultural growth through agricultural research strong IT strategies are highly needed. These strategies are very help full to strengthen For the agricultural research system of the country in general and Oromia in particular For this OARI has developed  its  web Portal that emphasizes on identifying key strategic issues that help to overcome the rapidly changing condition in both internal and external environments.