Oromia Agricultural Research InstituteI(QQO)

 Jima Agricultural Mechanization  Research Center


Objectives of the center

Agricultural mechanization technology generation via research, improvement and production of agricultural mechanization technologies, dissemination of agricultural mechanization technologies to the end users and thereby increasing production and productivity, food security and better livelihood of the farm household of the region in particular and the whole society in general.


Research Process Descriptions

  • Pre-harvest agricultural research team
  • Harvest and post-harvest research team



Agricultural Extension & Economics

  • Socio-economic research team
  • Agricultural extension research team​



Jima Agricultural Mechanization Research Center is located 350 km south-west direction of the country at Jima Town. JAMRC mandated to Jima and Ilu Ababora Zone for mechanization research & technology dissemination.


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P. O. Box _ 338

E-Mail _Husnahussen@gmail.com

Address Zone;- Jimma