Oromia Agricultural Research Institute (IQQO)

Livestock  Research Directorate

Livestock research process is one of the core research processes of the Oromia Agricultural Research Institute (OARI) which are mandated to contributing to the growth of agricultural products and hence poverty reduction through generation of suitable agricultural technologies.

The general objective of the livestock research process is to generate and adopt improved livestock technologies the use of which increases the productivity and production of diverse livestock species and hence improve the livelihood of communities.


To fulfill its objective, the process has been organized in six research teams, namely Dairy, meat, apiculture, poultry, fisheries, and animal feed resources and rangeland  management research teams. Each of these teams generate suitable technologies related to the commodities they address and comprises a number of researchers of different profession to be able to generate complete (packaged) technologies. Currently one or more of these research teams operate in ten of the seventeen research centers of OARI. Dairy and meat research teams operate in three research centers namely, Adami Tulu and Bako Agricultural Research Centers and in Yabello Pastoral and Agro-pastoral Research Center. Feed resources and range management as well as apiculture research teams operate in eight research centers namely, Adami Tulu, Bako Sinana, Mechara, Fedis, HaroSabu and  Bore Agricultural Research Centers and in Yabello Pastoral and Agro-pastoral Research Center. In addition, apiculture research team operates as the only team in Holeta Bee Research Center. Fishery  and poultry research teams are currently functional in Zeway Fishery Resource Research Center and  in Adami Tulu Agricultural Research Center, respectively.


Major targets of the process

  •   Generate or adapt technologies or information those increase the production and productivity of livestock
  • Multiply basic livestock technologies for use by farmers and various large scale technologiy multipliers
  • Give training on technology uses for various stake holders and farmers, agro-pastoralists and pastoralists
  • Strengthen man power and facilities of the process


Research Focus

  • Improve the genetic basis of indigenous cattle breeds for better productivity and hence better milk and meat production
  • Improve  livestock feed resources and rangeland to alleviate feed shortages
  • Improve the small ruminant, apiculture, fishery and poultry productivity and production through genetic improvement, better feeding and health care
  • Improve livestock products handling and processing

Tesfaye Alemu (PhD)

Director of Livestock  Research

Phone: +251-911058916

e-mail: tesfaye_alemu2011@yahoo.com

Finfinne, Ethiopia