Oromia Agricultural Research Institute (IQQO)

Technology Multiplication and Center Development (TMCD)

An overview 

The Technology Multiplication and Center Development (TMCD) is one of the key Directorate in Oromia Agricultural Research Institute (OARI) that engaged in multiplication of Early Generation Technologies (EGT)- Crop (breeder, pre-basic, basic seeds), Livestock, Natural resource and agricultural engineering technologies) and carry out research on seed technology to enhance agricultural production and productivity. 

Early generation agricultural technologies are the basic and most critical inputs for sustainable agriculture.  Specifically in case of seeds of improved crop varieties, the response of all other inputs depends on quality of seeds to a larger extent.  The direct contribution of quality seed alone to the total production is significant and even its contribution can be further raised with efficient management of other inputs.

Objectives of Agricultural Technology Multiplication and Center Development

1. Provide technical backstopping and strengthening capacity for technology multiplying research centers (technical and physical capacities)

2. Engage in multiplication of promising and released/approved agricultural technologies (crop, livestock, agricultural engineering and natural resources)

3. Ensure effective networking, collaboration and communication with partners in technology multiplication, supply and dissemination.



·         Multiplication and supply of high quality and sufficient quantities of early generation seeds (breeder, pre-basic and basic) of improved crop varieties to seed enterprises and other certified seed producers such as cooperatives and cooperative unions

·         Offer series of short term trainings on seed production and seed technologies for those  engaged in seed production

·         Multiplication and supply of improved livestock technologies (improved livestock breeds, apiculture technologies, fishery technologies and forage crop varieties)

·         Multiplication of natural resource technologies (tree seedlings)

·         Multiplication of Prototypes generated by agricultural engineering research

Conducting research on Seed with aims of :

·         Generate information on quality seed production, processing and post harvest handling as well as quantification of the proportion of farmers using improved varieties and quality seed

  • Enhancing quality seed availability through farmers' participatory seed production, and developing new models for strengthening community based seed production.
  • Determine appropriate seed treatment techniques for management of seed/soil borne diseases and storage pests
  •  Develop effective seed demand prediction mechanisms.
  • Strengthening internal seed quality control system for early generation seed multiplication


Teshome Bogale (MSc)

 Director of Technology multiplication and centers development

Phone: +251-911388166

e-mail: tesfayeletta@gmail.com

Finfinne, Ethiopia