Oromia Agricultural Research Institute(IQQO) 

Mechara Agricultural Research Center



The prime target for the establishment of the center is to conduct research on Hararghe coffee and mandate to cover Eastern (East & West Hararghe), South Eastern (Arsi & Bale) and Southern (Guji, Borana,& West Arsi) Oromia. The center also conducts research on other crops, livestock and natural resources. In this case its mandate area is limited only to west Hararghe zone.

Research Process Descriptions

Crop research technology generation process

  1. Coffee, horticulture, pulse & oil crops, cereal research teams


Natural Resource research technology generation process

  • Agro-forestry research team
  • Soil fertility &water conservation research team


Livestock research technology generation process

  • Animal feed and nutrition research team
  • Apiculture research team


Agricultural Extension & Economics

  • Socio economics research team
  •   Agricultural extension research team



Mechara agricultural research center is one among seventeen research center currently operating under Oromia agricultural research institute, in western Hararghe. It established in 1997 on 45 ha land & is located 434km to the east of Addis Ababa/Finfinne in Daro labu district. It is 115km from Ciro to the south on a gravel road that connects to Arsi & Bale zones. Its latitudinal and longitudinal positions are 40019.114 North and 08035.589 East respectively. Its altitude is 1760 masl with annual average temperature and rainfall 160c and 963 mm in the same order.



Tel.  +251255,570430/0102

Fax    +251255570301

P. O. Box     19    Mechara

E-Mail       mechara2007@gmail.com

Address Zone     West Harerghe

Wereda      Daro-Lebu