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Oromia Agricultural Research Institute (IQQO)

Coffee and Tea Research Directorate 

 Agricultural production can be increased by using direct inputs of improved seeds and fertilizers, and/or by bringing more land under production. Nonetheless, these alone cannot affect sustained increase in production and productivity. One of the other important technological interventions is Agricultural Engineering Science and Technology. The broad contributions of the sector constitute generating/adapting and utilizations of different improved and appropriate Agricultural machineries and power, soil and water engineering, post harvest and food engineering and Renewable energy technologies. These technologies comprise tillage implements and machineries, animal and mechanical power utilization for farm purposes, integrated physical and biological soil and water conservation and efficient utilization technologies, post harvest product handling, value addition processing for food and feed as well as the agricultural based renewable energy sources utilization technologies. Thus, the AER Directorate of IQQO believes and working on generating/adapting and applying of these important AER Science and Technologies in parallel with the other factors of science and technology intervention would greatly changes the tradition of farming system, alleviates drudgery, helps wise use of natural resources, and reduces environmental degradation while increasing productivity and production of the agriculture.

Vision statement

To see majority of farmers in Oromia using modern agricultural engineering technologies

Mission statement

Improve production and productivity of agricultural sector on sustainable bases through generating, adapting and disseminating compatible agricultural engineering technologies for target customers.


Strategic goals

Enhancing agricultural production and productivity through generating effective agricultural engineering technologies by increasing labor productivity, decreasing post-harvest loses, conserving soil and water, increasing water use efficiency, decreasing deforestation and indoor air pollution.


To generate, adapt and transfer improved and appropriate Agricultural Engineering technologies/information for needy customers and stakeholders according to diversified agro-ecologies and farming system

Major Research achievements