Oromia Agricultural Research Institute (IQQO)

Coffee and Tea Research Directorate 


Vision statement

To see basic change at family level and improved coffee and tea farmers livelihood in 2032 in Oromia

Mission statement


To generate or adopt technologies that increase production and productivity of coffee and tea through innovative knowledge building thereby improve the livelihood of coffee and tea farmers in Oromia in a sustainable basis

Strategic goals

Enhancing agricultural production and productivity through generating effective agricultural engineering technologies by increasing labor productivity, decreasing post-harvest loses, conserving soil and water, increasing water use efficiency, decreasing deforestation and indoor air pollution.


  • to generate, adopt or improve demand driven coffee and tea technologies that increase production and productivity, resistant or tolerant to biotic stresses and climate change
  • to develop techniques that could mitigate or reduce the impact of climate change on production and productivity of coffee and tea
  • to develop post harvest handling and processing technologies that reduce or mitigate environmental pollution and improve the product quality
  • to transfer technologies and information, deliver training and technical services, generate ideas for policy issues and strengthen stakeholders linkage and partnership as a means to accomplish the mission
  • a means to accomplish the mission


Coffee and Tea Research Process Teams (CT)*

  1. Coffee and Tea Improvement Research Team (CI)**

Component I- Breeding and Genetics Research

Component II- Biotechnology Research


  1. Coffee and Tea Management and Protection Research Team (MP)**

Component I- Cropping system and Management Research

Component II- Plant Ecology and Physiology Research

Component III- Pathology Research

Component IV- Entomology Research

Component V- Weed management Research


  1. Coffee and Tea Processing and Quality Improvement Research Team (PQ)**

Component I- Product Quality improvement Research

Component II- Coffee, Tea and Their by-product Processing and handling




  1. Oromia coffee and tea farmers and their Unions
  2. Consumers and processors
  3. Seed enterprises
  4. Coffee and tea investors and traders



  1. Regional and Federal Coffee and Tea Development Authorities
  2. Agricultural Sector Bureaus in Oromia
  3. Office of the President (Oromia) and Regional Parliament
  4. Federal and Regional Research Institutes
  5. Federal and Regional Research centers
  6. Universities and other Higher Learning Institutions
  7. Health, Education and Industry bureaus
  8. CGIAR centres



Kedir Wako

 Director of Coffee and Tea Research

Phone: +251-911894562

e-mail: kedir2015@gmail.com

Finfinne, Ethiopia