The accomplishments of 2009 and plan for 2010 E.C fiscal year was reviewed at IQQO HQs meeting hall from 18-19, July 2017 in the presence of Director General, Dr. Feto Ismo; Deputy Director General, Dr. Asefa Ta'a, Research Directors, process owners and other management members of IQQO. From the research centers, likewise, participants included Center Directors, planners and Process owners of Human Resource Management. In his opening remarks, Dr. Feto emphasized that the meeting was quite very important as it provides opportunities to look into the major achievements attained in the past fiscal year and its implications on the performance in the subsequent fiscal year. The respective Center Directors presented the achievements and plans; the presentations were quite comprehensive including overall achievements and plans on each of which questions, discussions and comments that can enrich the expected results out of the deliberations were sufficiently entertained for further enrichment.

Prior to the review meeting with the research centers, similar review that paved way for the current one, has been held at the HQs level from 11-12, July 2017 in the presence of Director General, Deputy Director General, research directors, process owners and other staff members. The respective research directors and process owners presented their past accomplishments and plans of the commencing fiscal year . The deliberations were quite very nice and there has been indeed hot discussions to enrich the reports and the plans presented.