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Potato Harvester

Description of the implement
The digger is modified from potato digger attached to local plough and moldboard plough frame.
It consists of mild steel V-shaped share for attaching lifter rods, moldboard plough frame and a flat
piece attached to the tip of the share, hitch assembly and handle. All the components are made of mild steel.
For operation, a pair of bullocks pulls the implement; the flat piece attached to the share tip penetrates into the
soil and harvested crops along with the soil lumps slide over the lifter rods. A V-shaped share was provided to dig out the tubers.
The lifter rods are attached behind the share. These lifter rods are spaced to allow the clods and residual tubers to drop while operating the implement.
The tubers along the ridge are then collected manually.

Specifications and Working Features

S/no Parameter Overall mean value

1 Working depth, (cm) 14.68
2 Working width, (cm) 58.7
3 Working speed, ( m/s) 0.678
4 Effective field capacity (ha/hr) 0.106
5 Theoretical field capacity, ( ha/hr) 0.143
6 Field efficacy, (%) 73.80
7 Weight of tubers dugout, (kg/m2) 5.290
8 Weight of damage tubers, (kg/m2) 0.123
9 Weight of tubers left in soil,(kg/m2) 0.617
10 Harvesting efficiency, (%) 87.21
11 Exposing efficiency, (%) 89.44
12 Harvesting loss (%) 10.90
13 Damage tubers, (%) 1.71