Inistiitiyuutiin Qorannoo Qonna Oromiyaa Dr.Daanyaachoo Luleetiif Dursaa Garee Qorataa kenneef
Akkuma beekamu Dr.Daanyaachoo Lulee nama qorannoon muuxannoo olaanaa qabaniifi qorannoo qonna biyyattii keessaatti shoora olaanaa bahaniidha.

Oromia Agricultural Research Institute (IQQO) has given Lead Researcher position to Dr.Dagnachew Lule. It is the highest researcher position in National Agricultural Research System (NARS) in Ethiopia.

He fulfilled all the requirements to the position and awarded after rigorous evaluation by the different entities and stakeholders. During the last 18 years, Dr Dagnachew generated 10 improved crops varieties as principal crop breeder and 23 crops varieties

in collaboration with other researchers. Oromia Bureau of Agriculture and Natural Resource certified that the majority of those released crop varieties were popularized and currently widely produced particularly in western Oromia.

Dr Dagnachew published 67 peer reviewed journal articles, 38 workshop proceedings and 2 chapters in a book in collaboration with other scholars. Besides, he served as an editor for 10 volumes of proceedings and 8 volumes of journals.

He served as an external advisor for 23 graduate students (PhD and MSc).
The extraordinary leadership as Agricultural Growth Program (AGP-II) regional coordinator during the last five years was historical to the institute in over achieving the project target and moved extra miles in generating improved agricultural technologies, popularizing proven technologies to the farming community and building all-rounded implementation capacity of research centers in the region. Dr Dagnachew is a very good leader capable to inspire any project coordinators and implementers up and down the chain by convincing, and influence any one through “leading by working” in absolute participatory approach. He showed exceptional dedication, high commitment and determined to get the project work done, and enthusiastic to see the impact of the project on the livelihood of smallholder farmers and other project beneficiaries in the mandate areas