Description of the machine
The threshing units of the original Asella Model III thresher peg type are effective in threshing smaller cereals like teff,
wheat, barley, oats and sorghum but there were difficulties in feeding. The feeding inlet position was modified to just below the drum.
The auger and sieve system were removed and the grain allows flowing gravitationally. It was also modified and developed considering
safe and easy operation.
Specifications and Working Features

S/no Parameter Overall mean value
1 Width, (cm) 170
2 Length, (cm) 125
3 Height, ( cm) 120
Performance parameters Wheat Barley
Grain straw ratio 1:0.96 1:1.44
4 Threshing capacity (kg/hr) 472.8 358.7
5 Threshing efficacy, (%) 99.84 99.81
6 Cleaning efficacy, (%) 97.58 95.10
7 Grain Breakage (%) 0.419 1.080