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Third Review Workshop of Completed Research Projects Held at Batu Town


Review of the Accomplishments of 2009 and Plan of 2010 E.C Fiscal Year Conducted at IQQO HQs

The accomplishments of 2009 and plan for 2010 E.C fiscal year was reviewed at IQQO HQs meeting hall from 18-19, July 2017 in the presence of Director General, Dr. Feto Ismo; Deputy Director General, Dr. Asefa Ta'a, Research Directors, process owners and other management members of IQQO. From the research centers, likewise, participants included Center Directors, planners and Process owners of Human Resource Management. In his opening remarks, Dr.

Guyyaan Ayyaana Siivil Sarvisii IQQOtti Kabajame


Leenjii Hubannoo Cimsuu Ittisa Yakka Malaammaltummaa Irratti Kenname




Yeroo leenjiin kennamu

Farewell Event Organized for the Former Director General at IQQO Head Quarter

Fall Armyworm(Spodoptera frugiperda) Occurs in Western Zones of Oromia



Fall Armyworm(Spodoptera frugiperda) Occurs in Western Zones of Oromia

Contributed by:

Tafa Jobie, Director for Crops Research, IQQO-Oromia Agricultural Research Institute and Mengistu Oli, Senior Crop Protection Expert, Oromia Bureau of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Farewell Program for Previous Center Manager April 2017

Farewell Program for Previous Center Manager April 2017 



AGP II Completed Activity Review Forum April 27-March 02 2017


AGP-II project progress review



Release of Impoved Crop and Forage Varieties

During the first round meeting of the National Varety Release Committee (NVRC), held at the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resouurces assembly hall from March 22-24, 2017, 13 improved crop and forage varieties were released by IQQO. Of these, 11 are crop varieties from cereals, pulses and horticultural crops and the remaining two are forage varieties. The varieties were released by  Bako and Sinana Agricultural Research Centers (Table below).