Agricultural research to mechanize farming
Farming and climate have direct correlation. A particular crop type adapts better to certain climatic zone than another. This is mainly due to the varying resisting capacity of the crops.

Thus, agrarians need to consider the climate before they decide to saw a certain type of crop in a given environment. They need to recognize to the climate of the area before sawing the seeds.

Behind the success of the farmers is the hard labor of The Fedis Agricultural Research Center. The center has provided a handful of farmers with special seed.
The seeds are examined and researched and found to be drought and disease resistant. The seeds need less time than the normal seed type and yields better production.

The farmers in the east and west Hararghe disclosed that the Oromia Agricultural Research Institute of Fedis and Mechara Agricultural Research Center has equipped
the local farmers with material and technical support. The center helped the farmers practice mechanized farming.
Hussein Abdo, Manager of the Fedis Agriculture Research Institute, told The Ethiopian Herald that the center has been equipping the farmers with the skill and material that
could boost the productivity. The center has introduced modern agriculture to the farmers.

Hussein said sorghum is a common seed type produced by the local farmers. The stalk is used as food for animas as well. Thus, the center is working to come up with
a sorghum type that could serve the two purposes at ones.
Hussein explained that the center works in seed breeding, livestock breeding, mechanization, and conservation of natural resource. The station has two branches – Fedis and Erer.
He added that the seeds are tested and verified for their drought and disease resistance. Besides, they are harvested in a short period of time compared to the common seeds.
The seeds yield much more than the regular sorghum.
Gezu Degefa, an Agronomist at the Center, said that the center has made a comprehensive adaptation studies on various seed types in the center.
The center breeds seed type and supplies tit to the stakeholders.
As to Gezu, the technical and material support by the center plays a significant role for their success. The center has provided the farmer with new brand seed type for free.
Jemal Nura, Agricultural Mechanization Researcher at the Center, said that the center is working relentlessly to equip the farmers with technical and material support which
could help farmers to practice modern farming.
Jemal added that the center has produced significant number of threshers, sprayers, and other simple machines. The simple machines are meant to ease
the farming and improve productivity.
Mohammed Eran and Oumer Seyie are successful farmers in the East and West Hararghe Zones respectively. The crops they used need less time, effort and human power
in areas with less precipitation compared to the regular sorghum seed.
As to Mohammed, the special seed yields twenty to thirty quintals of sorghum per hectare as opposed to five to ten per hectare. Thus, sawing the special seed changed
his productivity and improved overall life.
Mohammed told The Ethiopian Herald that he has increased its productivity by more than threefold by sowing the special seed provided to him for free.
Mohammed attested that the special seeds provided by the center is much more productive that the previous seed. The new seed yields 20 to 30 quintals of sorghum
per hectare which incomparable to 5 to ten quintals per hectare.
Mohammed said that the experts from the center have advised him on how to improve the quality of the farming. They also provided him with a thresher.
His production capacity has increased significantly due to the advice from the experts.
Fatuma Adem, a member of Lelisa Female Farmers Union, is another farmer who has been advised by the center. Likewise, her sorghum productivity has increased after using
the seed provided by the center. Her life depicted a significant improvement after working with the experts of the center.
Fatuma Adem has been using the seed from the center. She appreciated the center’s effort to change life of the farmers. The help from the center transformed her farming practice.
Fatuma uncovered that the special seed can be harvested within three months. The special sorghum yields threefold of the regular one. And this is helping her improve her overall life.
She forwarded that the center’s support was significant for her success. The councils from the center have helped her improve her farming experience.
Israfil Mohammed, a counselor of the farmers at the center, explained that the farmers have benefited much from the support from the center. They have observed the difference and
are happy to receive the special seeds.
Shortage of water and lack of skilled manpower along with lack of transportation vehicles are the major problems restricting their effort to help more farmers.
The center would reach out to more farmers provided that problems are solved, it was learnt.

The Ethiopian Herald November 24/2020