AGP II Completed Activity Review Forum April 27-March 02 2017

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AGP-II project progress review


Oromia Agricultural Research Institute (IQQO) Agricultural Growth Program (AGP-II) conducted project progress review meeting and sensitization training on “fast track Agricultural technology promotion, way forward”, from 27 April to 2 May 2017 at Adama. All AGP-II focal persons from the 14 implementing research centers, socio-economic researchers, center directors, IQQO director general and deputy director general, all directorate directors and invited key personnel’s were among the participant. A total of 130 research activities categorized under the different sub components (47 on technology generation and adaptation, 38 pre-extension demonstration, 45 source technology production) supported by AGP-II donor partners were presented and reviewed in detail. Until the end of the third quarter, it appears that 29 technology generation and adaptation experiments came to an end with full recommendation, 20 pre-extension demonstration activities are ready for further scaling-up and about 34 multiplied technologies are ready for distribution to small scale farmers and other partners operating in Agricultural development sector. Industrious discussions and guiding principles were made in enhancing productivity and economic growth of small scale farmers using AGP-II support as a superb opportunity.